Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cowards And Undeserving

I posted about Oaks first LP earlier in the year. That album came out in 2009. Total drone/doom chaos. Well, here's their new two song full length "ii". 35 minutes of music in total, you probably know what to expect after what I've just said. For fans of getting high and tripping out to epic soundscapes. This has been pressed by A389 Records. White wax of 100, 666 in total (the rest are on black).
Now apparently there was a bit of a cuffufle regarding the pressing of this white vinyl. When preorders went up they were advertised as 210g LP's. A week or so before mine arrived, Dom from the label sent out a bulk email stating that he had received some complaints from dudes whom had already received theirs, saying that their white LP's weren't 210g, and that apparently there was some problem with pressing on white at that weight. He suggested a peace offering in the option to also get a black copy (that was 210g) for free if you so desired, all the customer had to do was email him and he'd sent it out or something like that. I didn't bother with this though, I'm no total audiophile. With all of that in mind I have to say that this 12" is easily the heaviest 12" that I own (in actual weight and in the metaphoric sense). Now I don't have a set of scales accurate enough to weigh it, but if it isn't 210g, it is certainly not very far off it. Why people would complain is beyond me. It sounds fucking great.
Brilliant artwork. Simplistic, stark and bold. I really like it.
Gatefold LP as with the bands last offering.

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