Friday, November 19, 2010


My RSR order showed up today consisting of three new 7"s. I'll just post about the new Extortion/Completed Exposition split 7" tonight though. This record has been in the pipeline for over a year now from what I can gather, at least I heard talk of it in an interview somewhere in 2009 I think. Black vinyl of 500 copies. Extortion's side is pretty tried and true to the band to an extent I guess. There's still fast, break neck bits underpinned by slow to medium paced parts all complimented by Rohan's trademark snarl. Their side does begin with a slow moshy bit though, that's a little more dance inciting than alot of their regular stuff. Also, I'm no guitarist, let alone musician, but it almost sounds like they are tuning differently or something this time around. The guitar tone certainly sounds irregular to the rest of their catalogue. Maybe I'm imagining it. Maybe they've just tried something different in the recording process, I don't know. Regardless, it's cool.
For their recent Euro tour, Extortion also had 100 copies of this special tour cover printed up to sell. I was lucky enough to have Sandro from RSR send me one. I also ordered a copy of the record without it, but I don't really need to post about it here. I probably didn't even need to order it, but hey, you know me with this band.
The backside of the tour insert comes with this RSR stamp. Nothing interesting really.
The Completed Exposition side. These guys are from Japan and play a similar sort of fastcore punk. They actually sound a fair bit like Extortion, and it's clear that they also probably take heavy influence from most of the same bands that Ex would.
I don't like splits usually, and this isn't really any exception. Extortions side is good, and probably their best material since 'Terminal Cancer', and with thats said CE's side is cool too, I just hate not having a full record of material from one particular band, as is the case with most people whom I talk to about this kind of thing.
No lyrics from either band, which I find kind of annoying, especially since on the rare occasion that I do pay attention to the lyrics, it's normally Rohan's that I do. Whatever.
Extortion cover MITB too if you hadn't already heard. They do it well.

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