Monday, October 11, 2010


Here's a post with a difference! The new Parkway Drive album. I didn't like their previous two albums, but I've decided that I do like this. There's nothing to it; blatant, predictable mosh laden, modern metalcore, but the production is crisp as fuck and it's so heavy. It's very possible that I'll get bored of it though. Anyway, this thing is called 'Deep Blue', it's on black double vinyl at 45RPM, and it's all thanks to Epitaph. I have feeling that there's a lot of these on black, though there was a blue edition of 100 pressed.
Not much else to say really, I feel that most people are somewhat familiar with this band, and have an opinion about them. Personally, I think that they've done really well as a band and as a bunch of young guys. No stupid image, no stupid singing, or any other bullshit. Just playing more or less the exact same thing since the day they started.

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