Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disciple In My Own Image

More A389 Records stuff, first the Gehenna/Blind To Faith split 7". More of this smudgey, shitty coloured wax. It is what it is. What you'd expect from Gehenna, this time around though, they're leaning more heavily on the black metal stylings than they have more recently. The recording is also rather lo-fi. So I guess you could say that this is somewhat a return to old form, not that they've progressed a huge amount over the years.Blind To Faith play what you may expect for a split and a release from this label: metallic, holy terror influenced stuff. Definite rips of all the favourites, including Gehenna. Again, a lo-fi recording too.
And this new Hatewaves 7", 'Taste The Beast'. Black wax. I don't know really what to think of this band. They've been compared to alot of stuff that I like, but there's a definite cheese ball aesthetic going on here with that front cover, song titles and lyrics in general, Sometimes I might like that kind of thing, but I'm just not feeling it here. The music is okay, but nothing special. Blast beats, some mosh bits, but a muddy recording that detracts from the power over all.
And here's the three recent A389 releases on this vinyl that I was talking about.


Frank said...

Unfortunately it's cheaper to press coloured vinyl that way. I like coloured vinyl and all, but preferably when it matches the artwork or tone of the music. Otherwise, just give me black.

Evan said...

The murky colored vinyl copies of the three records are the bigger press; each of the five have a different color if you pre-ordered the bundle.

Gray Ghost - Red Vinyl
Gehenna - Gold/Yellow
Pulling Teeth - Gold Yellow & Camo
Hatewaves - White Vinyl
Millennial Reign - White Vinyl

Personally, the vinyl color doesn't really matter to me. What it contains truly interests me.

In any case, that Gehenna split fucking rips. The two trippy songs on that and the weird contribution to the gnarly 7.17 comp is convincing me that the new Gehenna LP is going to melt faces, haha.