Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There's something that I obviously just don't 'get' about Madball. Every album cycle a silly amount of hype gets built, and in turn all I hear is people raving on about them. Give me 'Demonstrating My Style' and then pretty much everything else after that can suck a big dick. This new album, and this single I have here is no different. Anyway, I bought this hoping that I might be able to get into it, but it hasn't worked. This band hasn't been interesting to me ever while I've been into hardcore, like I said, give me that old stuff. This 7" has two songs, the title track 'The Real American Hardcore' and 'All Or Nothing', both of which are on the new full length. This is on blue and black smudge wax, Reaper Records pressed it.
I have a feeling that Reaper was trying to build a similar kind of hype that they did with the latest Terror album in releasing this single, I guess some people are going to be into this, but I just can't enjoy it for the life of me.

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