Friday, October 1, 2010

Like Thunder

By now I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with the kind of music that I listen to. Simple, straight forward, heavy hardcore across the board. I like blast beats, I like dirge, I like mosh bits. I don't pull any punches, I don't pretend to like anything that I don't. This new Acid Tiger s/t LP is not normally what I listen to at all, but I am digging it. If you asked me to give you a proper description of what is going on here, I'd be stumped. It just sounds like noisy, discordant, psychedelic rock to me, but I am more than likely wrong with that attempt. Anyway, Ben of Converge drums for this band, which is more than likely why I bought it. Regardless, I am glad I did, it rules. Blue and purple mixed wax of 400 copies. Deathwish Inc.
And the latest offering from Surroundings, their s/t LP thanks to Free Cake Records. This band has certainly progressed with their sound over the last three years or so. In 2007 I interviewed a band called Pellinore who had just released their own demo CD, and in said interview they mentioned how they had a split 10" coming out with Surroundings, so I was interested to give them a try. At that stage they just had their own 7" out, which I got my hands on. Pleasantly surprised I was, by at least three songs on that record. Just well written, angry hardcore. Over the course of the subsequent split 10" and now this LP, the band has gradually darkened their sound, and started to incorporate thrashier bits, and some drone stuff too. I like what they have done so far, but I still feel that they need to go the whole hog, and just get DIRTY. It's still a little half way house if you ask me. Don't ask me though.
Black vinyl.

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