Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Absolute Control

The last time I blogged about Urban Blight in detail on here, I wasn't speaking in the most favourable of ways. Last years LP, 'More Reality', while noisy and rough as hell, was a rager, though it took me quite a while to warm to it properly. So when I made that post I did elude to the fact that I couldn't get into it as much as their previous 7" and demo. My opinion of this band has changed though. They fucking rule at Ag Front/Neg FX style hardcore and this new 7" is all the proof you need. It's just as dirty as the LP, the songs contain just the same amount of piss and vinegar and Beav sounds just as deranged. I was in Melbourne when Sick Rick ordered this for me. That night in particular I had tried to make the order myself on my phone, made it all the way through the Static Shock online store, but the paypal portion of the order wouldn't work. Along with this record, I managed to get the limited live tape that the label did, but yeah like I said, paypal wouldn't work. So I had Rick make the order for me at home no more than 20 minutes later, but we both missed out on the fucking tapes. Pretty cut. Missed em by a bees dick. Anyway, this is on red wax and limited to 100 copies. The rest are on black.
Six panel fold out poster. This side in particular makes the artwork interesting, I'm not too keen on the rest of it. Bomb Toronto.
And the other side with liner notes etc.

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hateyourspecies said...

i have a copy of the tape if you'd like to trade it for something. new, unlistened, picked it up from them when they were here in sweden a month ago or so. i picked up the "more reality" lp, not terribly impressed with it due to the sound quality, but they did rip live.

unrelated: the word confirmation captcha for posting this is "tuddlips". what the fuck?

keep up the blogging, mang.