Friday, September 24, 2010

VVake Of Temptation

This is the new Pale Creation s/t 7" on black vinyl. Two tracks of Clevo metalcore is what you get. Extreme Integrity comparisons aside, this is somewhat entertaining stuff, though, I have heard better. There's some cool parts (guest vox by Dwid), and there's some crappy parts (the cheeseball singing bits, by Dwid, I think). Eh, this is a tricky one, don't let the 'legendary' tags mis-lead you, yeah these guys originally appeared in the early 90's, but that doesn't make them amazing by any call, it just makes them over the hill.
Boring artwork and layout. I like A389 as a label, alot of good releases lately, but I can't really recall any single album sleeve that has really made my blood pump, except maybe the Caulfield LP sleeve.
And the latest offering by Illinois sludge/hardcore fellows, Black Teeth. This is their 7" 'Ghost Room Anthems' on a sort of smokey clear with green smudged vinyl. I posted about their first 7" a couple months ago and how that record was certainly headed in the right direction with the dirty, doomy tones and ideas but didn't quite get there because of the all too basic hardcore structures. Well this record is somewhat the same unfortunately, but the production is thicker with a definite muckier mix. Most of the songs are a little longer too. Maybe the next release by these guys will see their true direction realized. I cross my fingers.


j said...

Im a fanboy when it comes to Pale Creation, but you should give ther earlier stuff a listen. The demos, Twilight Haunt and the Discography CD are brilliant. If you need some of it let me know.

Frank said...

Where'd you get the Black Teeth 7" from?

Sean said...

i got it at resist records in sydney last time i was there frank