Friday, August 6, 2010

Politics Of Science

The new(ish) 3 way collab effort from Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant and Walls, the 'Public Humiliation' LP on white vinyl. I think this is a second pressing. This isn't a split, it's a live recording of the three bands playing songs from all of their catalogues as one cohesive unit. Recorded at the Vera Project in Seattle in 2008, It's very well done for a live LP. One could easily mistake this for a rough studio job. Iron Lung Records.
Amazing artwork and layout by Feeding.
I think combined here, there would have only been five guys on stage. The two fellows that comprise Iron Lung, Jensen and Jon, also play, respectively, in Walls and PHT.

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Tim said...

This is so good I'm tempted to buy a 2nd press copy on white too. Quality!