Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mental Deficiency

Texas can chalk another one with this awesome new debut 7", 'Human Conditioning' from Austin's Mindless. Crossed Out worship is what you get here, and behind maybe two or three other PV related releases this year, this is damn nearly the best EP of this style that I've heard in 12 months. Harsh, stop/start, bass heavy hardcore. They know where they come from. Everyone thank the guys at Regurgitated Semen Records.
I've always had some trouble adapting to Faiza's vocal delivery, wether that's just because she's a girl, or for other reasons I don't know, but out of all of the stuff that I've heard her work contributed to, this is by far the easiest for me to get a good grasp on. She seemed to be getting more tolerable on the last Hatred Surge LP, and here she certainly seems like she's settled properly on a vocal style that she likes. My only problem with this 7" is that it doesn't go for nearly as long as I'd like it to.

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