Friday, August 13, 2010

Dead End Nights

Two 7"s from two bands with a similar vibe/feel. First is the Born Bad 'Tie One On' demo 7". Black wax from Vinyl Addict Records. These guys play stuff in the vein of early 80's stuff. Noisy, reminiscent of something out of Washington and maybe California. This is a good sounding recording for a demo, but I believe that the later stuff is a bit better, they go in a bit more of a Boston/Mid West direction.
And the Vacant State 'State Of Confusion' 7" on black wax aswell. Self released as far as I can tell, Deranged Records has helped them out with later releases. This record is pretty blatant burley Boston hardcore ala Negative FX and Slapshot. Certainly some Negative Approach comparisons thrown in there too.

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Thomo said...

Vacant State rule, you should get onto the Internal Conflict E.P