Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To Square One

Quick post before bed. Pretty freakin' tired and not much in the mood for chatting, so I'll let the photos do the chatting for me. Two classic reissues made possible by Reaper Records. First, the reissue of the Zero Tolerance tape, on vinyl for the first time. Read more here.
Only on black.
And the Icemen 7". First time on vinyl for these songs too apparently. Read more here.
Blue wax.

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..... said...

kinda weird/cool/confusing? how the artwork for the zt re-issue looks as though it has a "ring" wear on the cover from the inside vinyl, but it was only ever released on cassette before..and the pic on the cassette is wider and doesnt have that ring wear look on it..whatever best track is minute to pray, but i still wanna see a full discography put out with the bad blood and demo tracks..