Monday, July 12, 2010

Teeth Of A Cogwheel

Mr. Wangstein posted about this bands earlier work not more than 30 minutes ago. I don't know enough about them to be able to post about that era of their recorded history, but I can post about the 'Red Album' by Baroness right now, and guess what, it's happening! Like 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', this is the only Baroness album I listen to, somewhat by choice, somewhat by ignorance I guess. The album after this, the 'Blue Album', I found pretty boring, and as a result it rarely sees play time on my itunes. I am still yet to check out earlier stuff, but after Craigs post tonight, I may just have a dig. This album though, has been on a regular digital listening schedule for the last twelve months, so when I saw it at Resist Records on my recent Sydney trip, I grabbed it. Double LP, gatefold sleeve that makes full use of the epic John Dyer Baizley artwork. I don't ever get excited about crazy colourways, but I enjoy this mix of red and white quite a bit. Relapse Records know how to press a good piece of plastic.
Inside of the gatefold, with lyrics and all relevant liner notes etc, as with pretty much every gatefold ever. The artwork here, I find a little boring. It serves a purpose though I suppose.
Another insert though, that serves no real purpose, but to show off some more artwork. Kinda feels pointless, but I guess real art nerds might enjoy it? It is good none the less.
Have I ever told you about my hatred for barcodes on vinyl records? Hate with a passion and a capital H. I like the way it's done here though.

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Good One Dick Head! said...

Nice work mate!

I will say, I can listen to this record, but it doesn't grab me like the first 2.

The extra insert may have something to do with the vinyl of the Original Pressing of this LP.

It was pressed by Hyperrealist (as with First and Second), and they really took this to some next level shit.

In between the grooves near the start of each LP, they have etchings. 1 side had the skulls of the birds, 1 had the bugs, and there were 2 others.

Maybe Relapse didn't want to run with that Next Level Shit, and just made sure the art was included?