Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gourmet Pez

As ridiculous as I may sound saying this, of all of the 'classic' Californian PV bands of the late 80's/early 90's, MITB would have to be one of my least favourites. I just can't handle most of the bands catalogue, it just gets too abstract for me, too noisy. It's a similar story for Capitalist Casualties and fastcore. I can never listen to more than ten minutes of their stuff, it just gets too repetitive, the same goes for groups like Spazz and Hellnation etc. It's almost ironic, as it's probably fair to say that one of my favourite Australian bands takes direct influence from groups of this ilk. Anyway, this repress of the MITB/CC split LP is a bit of an exception to that standard. Both bands seem to be on their top game here, especially MITB. Andy Beattie of No Comment contributes most of the vocal work for this release, and it lifts their side so much. Add to the fact that this is probably one of the cleaner MITB recordings and you've got a winner. Capitalist Casualties play for the most part the same old stuff, fast fast fast, but most of the songs are pretty catchy and well written.
Second press. Six Weeks Records. Black vinyl. The first press was back in 1994.
In contrast to most of the reissues i've posted about recently, this one comes as a rather simplistic layout and package, as with most MITB stuff anyway. Fitting for the band I think. Let the music do the talking etc.

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