Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jesus Hitler/Adolf Christ

The following is a copy of the Carnivore live LP, "I Am A Meat Eater". This is a few tracks from really early on, 1984 to be precise, before either of their LP's had been released. Rough sound, but the recording lends heavily to a pure 80's thrash metal vibe. Perhaps they didn't really settle on a more cross-over approach until later on after this was recorded?
Biscupid Records put this bad boy out last year. 400 of these black copies, and 100 on blue so I've read.
Not much to say, other than that this isn't actually mine, it's a friends. He just let me borrow it, and I figured I'd blog about it, seeing as Carnivore are just about the best cross-over band that ever existed. Long live Pete Steele!

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