Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brutal Pharmaceutical

News of a new Hatred Surge release has surfaced over the last fortnight, being in the form of a split LP with Mammoth Grinder, which will see a release thanks to Cyclopean Records. This week, the band posted two new tracks on their myspace, one from said forthcoming split, and the other from the 4 way split they have coming out with Mind Eraser, Scapegoat and Iron Lung through Painkiller Records. First thing you'll notice is that neither of these new songs have any female vocals via the pipes of Faiza Kracheni. Rahi aka 'Gargling Urine' of Insect Warfare fame has taken her place as the new full time lead vocalist, and while I did eventually grow to enjoy Faiza's approach on the last Hatred Surge LP, this development has caught me with my pants down. Does that even make any sense? Being the Mammoth Grinder and Insect Warfare fan boy that I am, lets just say that I am really excited. Check the tracks here, and get siked.

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