Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bob Mclane

This is the Greyskull/Graf Orlock split LP. I picked this up at one of the Graf Orlock/Dangers shows here in Brisbane last week. I was hoping they'd have some of their other stuff available, but it was just this and the latest LP, which I already have. This is certainly some of Graf's rougher material. Easily their grindiest too. Pretty sure that all of their side is dominated by samples from the Total Recall movie. Don't quote me though, it's been a long time since I've seen that film. Greyskull play relatively boring, kind of dark, melodic hardcore. Not really my thing.
Creative packaging certainly, I doubt I need to explain it? It's a backpack duh. Clear wax, kind of smokey in a way.
The bag straps hold in the disc. It's a little flimsy though with just those two straps. At some point between me buying it, and getting it home, the right strap tore off at the bottom. Endless bummer.

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