Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friend Or Foe

New stuffs today. First up is the reissue that Bridge 9 have done of the 'United Blood' EP by Agnostic Front. To go along with the 'Victim In Pain' LP reissue I guess. Like I said about the LP, hideous artwork. Gold vinyl.
Exact replications of the OG insert, so I guess that makes up for the shitty sleeve.
Next, 'Obscene Humanity' MLP by Nails. Black wax. This is the new project by that dude that's done heaps of work with other very notable band of past and present, including Carry On, Terror and Betrayed. His name escapes me at the moment, but I met him once when he was here a few years ago, trying to get in the pants of some local girl. What a guy. This stuff sounds like it's heavily influenced by Trap Them and maybe Mind Eraser, except not as good as either. I like the minimalist idea of the layout (all it is, is a plain white sleeve, with this sticker in the corner, and a plain, hand scrawled A4 insert), but I hate it at the same time. I paid 18 Ozzy bucks for this thing, I want something pretty to look at.
And finally the sophomore effort by fantastic modern PV shredders Get Destroyed. The 'Burnt Offerings' 7" on black. I haven't given this a spin yet, but I checked a few new tracks out on their gayspace and with only one listen of three tracks I was quite impressed. The bands first ep also killed it, so I suspect that this will be a regular rotator here at my place for the next fortnight. He's not credited, but I'm almost certain that I heard guest vox by Alex of Hatred Surge on a track online too (edit- I've listened to it properly now, and I'm certain it is Alex on two, if not three tracks).

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AboveSnakes said...

Get Destroyed is so good. Great ep