Monday, July 13, 2009

Deconstruction of the mind, deconstruction of the body.

I just found the new Hatred Surge LP, 'Deconstruct', online for download via the Squal0r blog. No idea of actual wax or when it'll happen though, but this sounds like the end of the human race as we know it. I WILL be ordering this when it surfaces.
Back to more straight up grind/PV of the groups earlier stuff, less of the crusty influence from the last 7". Faiza and Alex are still sharing vocal duties, but her pipes sound so much better these days. I didn't like her style before, but it's really working for me now. Angrier, more urgent, more demented. Quite possibly the best HS stuff so far (bar the Iron Lung collab, and the two tracks from the 'Trapped In A Scene' comp LP). There's some really gruff vocals on a few tracks too, I think it may be Rahi from Insect Warfare.

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oathkeeper//souleater said...

its been out. but im guessing by now its loooooooong gone. it was limited to 300 copies for their west coast annihilating, im guessing in a few months they'll repress it, though.
and thanks for putting that link up and actually crediting :)