Monday, June 1, 2009

When a zebra talks people listen

Extortion Terminal Cancer test press. Not sure of how many there are. I'll need to find out I think. Easily the best stuff the band has done. But I have already said that on this blog before.
Rupture rip-off sleeve

And Terminal Cancer with the 45 hole. Of only 10 that exist Rohan tells me. Did I need this one? Not at all... well the collector fag in me did.

Still needed: 
-The s/t repress LP on green (of 50) that the band sold most of on tour in California. Mickey sell me yours.
-The limited silver and gold covers of the Rupture split 5" that RSR did.
-Any other test presses... gimme gimme.
- Wouldn't mind a CD version of the demo too.


WestWardWinded said...

If I could describe in 1 Word
it would be.... Fucking Incredible.

I immediately regret thinking I could only use one word.

Beau said...

I have a spare demo CD-R...

AKA Sean Is The Bastard said...

send it with zines?

Beau said...

I am not a charity. $$$

LIO said...

Magrudergrind LP is sick, real excited about seeing them next week. Also, that Punch LP gets me fucking amped.

I'm not a big fan of Graf Orlock (despite loving their subject matter / sample choices), but I think the LP really came through... And the artwork is ridiculous.