Monday, June 8, 2009

In The End We Rot

Living Darkness put out their s/t 7" sometime last year or the year before on High Anxiety Records if my memory serves me correct. This 7" was a bit of a mystery to me at one point, but you can read about that here if you so desire. A reader asked if I could upload the ep digitally as the tracks aren't available anywhere online, and as far as we can both see the band have no myspace or any real online presence for that matter. Kind of refreshing really I guess in this day and age huh? Well not for long haha. This is the upload of said 7" from my own collection. Three tracks. 7.5 minutes. The end of the first track skips a little bit. Sorry dudes, my copy is a little rooted.

Here's all I could find out about the band online, a quote from their profile:
"Toronto multitaskers Living Darkness, which features members of shitloads of past and present local punk, thrash and doom projects (ORN, Black Spokes, Abandoned Hearts Club, Concrete Tank, Saigon Distress Signal, Bayonnettes, CS). LD is the best of irrational teenage frustration mixed with the uncomfortably personal touch of ’90s California hardcore…via Portland…by boxcar…hopping off on the way to pay respects to Motorhead and visit the guy from Amebix that makes swords. Maybe bring him a nice hot sandwich."

They sound like Cursed. Canadian eh? Go.

While I'm at it... anyone else out there who wants to hear stuff from my collection that they can't find anywhere should message or email me, and I'll get onto it. There is alot of stuff that I will get around to uploading eventually.

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