Friday, February 13, 2009


Didn't check my PO Box all week. When I managed to get there today, I was made a happy man.

You may remember me posting a couple of weeks ago about the Mammoth Grinder 7" that I got. Well today brought me their new LP "Rage And Ruin" too. I ordered this from Depleted Resource Records a few weeks back, the label that pressed this glorious slab of wax. Grey marble vinyl. Like I have said, these guys take a somewhat different approach to writing music. Three piece, lots of sludge and doom influences, but more or less straight to the point hardcore.
Assassinated Records recently pressed a CD with both the bands 7" and LP on the one disc. I strongly considered buying this CD just for the cool artwork. I decided against it in the end though, seeing as I'd have both the records anyway. Lucky too, as the LP's center label depicts the cover artwork from the CD that I was so stoked on.

In my order from Depleted Resource they also threw in this copy of the latest Branch Davidian 7" "Party o'clock" for free. I had never heard of this band before, but I just checked them out, and they seem very cool. Dirty, Boston worship. I will be getting onto these guys more I suspect. White wax, with a white cover and white center labels. Yeow.

Finally got my Ill Brigade ep. I'll never trust Common Bond Records after all of the cock ups this label has dealt to its loyal fans in the past. I have a feeling now though that the label is being run by Graham and Resist Records, as the postage address listed for Common Bond on this ep is the Resist address. Pretty sure Resist handled all of the pre orders too. Not sure though. But I know that Graham has always been professional and trustworthy. Clear wax. Amazing cover.

Hell yeah my Hatred Surge/Iron Lung collaboration 7" came today. Black wax. I made a lengthy post about this record a few weeks back, and made a little mistake insinuating that this bad boy had a few different covers. Turns out it doesn't, each cover that I had seen on eBay and hence posted about is just the front and back of the one cover; the Hatred Surge side (pictured above), and the alternate Iron Lung side which is the two people in doctors masks 'making out'.
The packaging for this record is elaborate to say the least. Three layers for the one cover. The top layer is tracing paper, so you can see through to the yellow layer underneath. The words scrawled all over that yellow layer read 'Hatred Surge//Iron Lung'. The inner layer is what you see in the pic. A cool multi coloured piece depicting a detailed look under the skin it seems of each subject. This can hence be placed directly under the tracing paper top layer for another cool look. Fuck I am a geek for writing this. The tracks on offer here are also easily some of the best stuff either band has written. Just brutal, epic fast-core. So heavy. Soooo good.

Today also brought me issues 1, 6, and 8 of Town Of Hardcore fanzine. Yeah I have the book, but the inner nerd in me couldn't resist grabbing these on eBay. And these are the issues with the bands that I really love... they had to be mine. I got them for a steal too. $5 each except for issue 8. That set me back $8. Just need that 7" that goes with issue 6.

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Anonymous said...

love the knealing artwork... and yeah.. adam was doing all the orders for a while... and correcting all the previous pre-order botch ups..

but graz has taken over the business now.