Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mammoth Grinder- Rage And Ruin LP

This record is blowing my mind at the moment. Truly deserving of the 'ripped my face off' tag. Their first 7" was okay but where these guys shine is when they're able push out a 6-7 minute epic... obviously a task that would be deemed nearly impossible in 7" format. With that said though the first side of this record, is shorter tracks, ranging from about two minutes to five and a half. Flip it over and it just gets HEAVY. 'God Is Stuck In A Black Hole'. 6:33. Holy shit... such a good song. This band sound like Neurosis, Isis, and Black Sabbath smoked a massive blunt together then jammed out one of the dirgiest albums of all time. It's still available to buy from the band, in either wax or CD format, so I suggest you get at it. Until then, check out their gayspace for a preview. Great band.

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