Friday, January 2, 2009


Two new records in the mail today. First this Mind Eraser 7". I already downloaded the tracks for this thing from the i-tunes store because I couldn't wait anymore. I can safely say, that it is a shredder.
I actually missed the original orders on the Young Blood Records site. I was about a day too late. So I had to wait for RevHQ to get orders going. Generally I find that the stuff that Rev normally stocks is the larger press variations of records. So I was expecting to get the black version of this 7". Happy to get the clear wax, though I'm not sure of actual pressing info. Knowing Young Blood though, I'm betting this clear is the smaller press, if not at least equal with the black.
The insert is pretty cool. Take note of that font at the top there. The lyrics are all written in that aswell, so it's virtually indecipherable. Kind of frustrating. I am quite curious as to the meaning of it's existence as it's all over the bands other new LP too, and another band, Men's Interest, latest cassette tape on Painkiller Records. Curious.

Then there's this Sex/Vid LP. Quite the hype band of 2008 certainly, but I think the vast majority of hype is deserved. Just raw, noisy hardcore punk. Upwards of $60 for their first 7" that is barely a year old on eBay gets a little annoying though, even if said record is the bands best to date. Jumped on this LP though.

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