Sunday, January 4, 2009


I got it. Fuck yeah. Terminal Cancer by Extortion.
After all of my hissy fits over various blogs and message boards, I managed to snare a copy of this new Extortion ep today via my mate Borg and his Distro Endless Blockades. I had 4 different people email me yesterday morning to offer me copies. Was rather funny, after the cuffuffle I got my self into over it.
Without any doubt in my mind what-so-ever, I'll go on record to say right now that this is the best Extortion material ever committed to wax. Until now the bands previous effort, the Control 7" had been my favourite, but now this new ep takes pole position. Everything about what is going on here is flawless. Self described by the band as 'raw as piss' the whole thing bar vocals was recorded on a 4 track in a practice room. It's rough as fuck, which does nothing but ad to the charm of this recording. I was told by a mate that perhaps this release would see the band return to older styled approach reminiscent of their demo or the first ep... more Boston/Infest styled stuff, but no, that hasn't happened here. It's just fast fast pissed off hardcore. Intentional or not the rough nature of the recording also brings about a more metallic sound too, which for me is a great thing. Micky from Suffer has guest vocals on a number of tracks, I'm excited to hear his range with this stuff, away from what I have heard with Suffer so far. And I think for the first time Rohan experiments with a little spoken word on the last track. Not a tone, just a couple lines. Works well. An amazing way to kick off 2009 for this band.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe you got this one before me... ha.

Robi_Wan said...

I ordered my copy @ Painkiller