Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mongoloids/Kids Like Us split 7"

To be honest I am almost clueless as to why I bothered buying this record. Maybe it was cause the two previous Mongoloids releases that I have (the first 7" and the LP) weren't actually too bad. But yeah the label allowed me to download the tracks from this split after I pre ordered (more than 4 months ago I might add!), and to tell you the truth, they're all pretty average. I've never liked Kids Like Us, ever, and these days The Mongoloids are just a pure hype band.
Anyway, District Lines decided to release about a million different official covers (okay six) for this record, each one representing a different horror character. Same tracks on each variant, just a different character. Mines the wolfman of /320. There were also covers with a mummy and dracula etc etc. At the time of pre order you also had the option of buying the entire pack of all six records with a poster as well. And to my complete surprise kids have actually snapped up this shit. What a joke... kids are fucking gullible idiots. One thing I'll say that is a positive about this record though is that each of the covers were actually printed on the dust sleeve, not the card... not much but I guess something cool. One thing I'm pissed with though is that my printed sleeve has chipped up a bit, as you can see on wolfmans right cheek. So maybe it's not such a positive? You be the judge.
Needless to say I won't be ordering the other two Mongoloids releases that are on the cards currently.

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Anonymous said...

the poster that came with this pre order is pretty fucking rad dude.