Monday, November 17, 2008


New records today. Probably the last big stash that I'll be getting for a while, due to previously mentioned saving goals.
Infantcide 7". Haven't listened to it yet, but it's on 625 Thrash, and the bands fucken name is Infantcide. I already know how this ep will go. Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money split. Dirty Money suck, but I don't mind Trapped Under Ice. And the tracks I've heard from this release were great.

Not sure what to expect with this Obliteration 7". Members of Mind Eraser and Knife Fight apparently, so I'm pretty excited to hear it. Will blast tonight for sure. Check the mad snake fold out insert. That better remain exclusive to the first press.

Finally received my Downpresser 12"ep. I've raved on about this band heaps recently. And rightfully so. Great heavy band. Massive poster insert. Clear wax.

This Comp Kills Fascists 2x LP. The artwork on this wax version is so much better than the cd version. Awesome grind violence comp featuring Magrudergrind, Weekend Nachos, Insect Warfare, Brutal Truth, Shitstorm among a tone more. Great release.

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Anonymous said...

Really dig the artwork for This Comp Kills Fascists. Looks pretty wicked.