Monday, November 17, 2008

Extortion/Rupture split 5"

This bad boy deserves it's own post. Perth PV 5"s of bliss. Extortion do 'Pathetic' which has already seen the light of day on the American release of the Degenerate CD, 'Shit For Brains' and 'Fucked In The Head, both of which I don't think I've heard yet. I think all 3 songs actually come from recording sessions of the Degenrate LP, so it's older stuff. I'll tell you when I jam this suckah. Rupture do 'Vegetable Cunt Fun'. Charming name I know. Not sure if this song has been previously released or not... I thought I had most of the Rupture mp3's, but I don't seem to have this track on my computer. But I'm betting it has seen some kind of release in the past.
RSR (Regurgitated Semen Records) and Hate Ape Productions released this record. RSR have put out a tone of great PV/Grind/Thrash over the years. I think Hate Ape is actually the dudes from RSR little Rupture worship label thing. Though I'm not totally sure. Who better to be featured on a split with Rupture than Extortion though? Can't beat that.
I was told today by someone that the Extortion/AOA split 7" is due next week. Siked. All over that thing like a racoon on a can of beans.

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Beau said...

rupture songs are from a recording for an unreleased split w/ a classic US band that obviously never happened.