Monday, February 27, 2017


Innumerable Forms- "Petrified/Joyless" Cassette (Hell Massacre)
Second Edition, 2017 - 12/250 

True Finnish Death Metal's legacy continues to be dredged from the depths by Boston's Justin Detore, this time with the help of Iron Lung's Jensen Ward. It seems that this band has grown beyond the work of just Detore now and that Ward has been enlisted as a permanent fixture. His addition hasn't changed the general mission statement of this project though and more of what one familiar with previous work would expect and hope for is offered here; slow, guttural Death Metal, taking cues from all of the classic early 90's acts from Helsinki and surrounds. Two songs that are to re-appear on a planned full length, due at some point this year. An initial small run first edition of this was issued in 2016, only to sell out at the bands only live show of that year, this copy is from the new wider run, put together by Painkiller imprint, Hell Massacre.

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