Saturday, February 18, 2017


Frightener- "Guillotine" LP (Ghost City/A389)
First Pressing, 2006
Red with Black Splatter Vinyl /?? 

London's Frightener played a fairly unique blend of Metallic Hardcore mostly informed by 90's Holy Terror and related groups, mixed tastefully with strong influence from blasters like Terrorizer, Extreme Noise terror, Napalm Death and the rest. I really feel like the progression of time hasn't been kind to the memory of these guys and this album in particular, as it's rare that you see anyone referencing them these days. Masterfully recorded heavy hardcore that doesn't ever get weighed down under sloppy performance- it's crisp, clear and brutal.
My initial interest in this band came about due to the involvement of Rhys Davies on drums. For those uninformed, most notably Rhys co-wrote and played on the early (and best) Extortion material, and has since been involved with a few other excellent Australian bands including Black Jesus and others. His drumming has always been hugely unique and is more often than not massively identifiable. Odd patterns, cool fills, and great blasts.
Now approaching eleven years old, I still give this thing a spin at least three or four times a year. Worth the (very small) amount that you'll find it for on discogs and the like.

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