Saturday, June 11, 2016


Repos- "Poser" LP (Youth Attack)
First Pressing, 2016
Red Vinyl /300

"Poser" marks my first foray into any hard copy material by the Repos for various reasons. One such reason is that as a general rule, over the years, all of their hard copy studio albums have always managed to sell very quickly upon initial release, and then used copies would command a slight premium online etc. Though the main reason would probably be that despite the amount of hype that has always surrounded the band - statements like "the only relevant modern hardcore band" etc are rife among various blogs and message boards - apart from that "Poison Head" tape from a few years ago, I have never been absolutely crazy about these guys. When YA uploaded a couple of tracks a few months ago though, I was instantly captivated by the blown out recording and burly nature of the songs. I'm confident now that this record meets all of that hype (but there are plenty of other modern hardcore bands that are just as worthy, if not more, of the attention).

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