Sunday, May 8, 2016


Black Jesus- "Everything Black Everything Dead" LP (Doomentia) 
First Pressing, 2015 
Black Vinyl /?? 

One of Australia's strongest active bands is Melbourne's Black Jesus and this is their debut LP "Everything Black Everything Dead". Following a brilliant demo from a few years back that was subsequently pressed to vinyl, I must say that amongst all of life's distractions, I did take far longer than I like to admit to warm to this album. Attribute some of that possibly to the fact that it took quite a while for this to be pressed to wax following it's initial CD release in 2014. It's been receiving regular repeated listens from me for months now though and I'm not bored yet.
Earlier in their career, the band coined the term 'Scrap Metal' when describing their own style and I don't think that a better description could be applied. While firmly rooted in the Death Metal underground, a strong punk undercurrent is apparent throughout, most easily attributed to the recording that tips its hat to 80's pioneers like Repulsion and Terrorizer.
Horrific stuff.

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