Saturday, May 28, 2016


All Out War- "Dying Gods" 12" EP (Organized Crime)
First Pressing, 2015
Red Vinyl /??

"Into The Killing Fields" was one of my favourite LP's of 2010, and it still sits within the top 5 albums of the last 6-7 years for me. So when All Out War announced the follow up to that record, with this new large format EP, "Dying Gods", I got pretty excited. The general consensus seems that this is a true return to form, being the bands first recorded material since "FTWWC" with the full original line up, and the basic hallmarks of that early material are here; it's chuggy as fuck, but with an updated recording. But with listening to this material as much as I have since it's release last year, it's become gradually apparent to me why I was so fond of "ITKKF"; the crawling chug was really toned down in favour of a far faster aural assault with that album, it was snappy and really energetic.
This isn't nearly as jumpy but it's got plenty of signature crawling mosh, and the Amebix and Carnivore covers aren't bad either.

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