Monday, February 1, 2016


Straight Razor- s/t 7" (React!)
First Pressing, 2015
Black Vinyl /350

I feel like this record didn't really receive the attention it probably should have last year. It completely went under my radar until early December and it came out something like 6 months earlier. The s/t EP from Straight Razor. 2/5's of The Rival Mob plus a couple other guys I'm not familiar with. I don't normally miss out on records that are this awesome, but for some reason I missed this one. As good as you might imagine with a line up of this caliber: no frills Hardcore that draws stark influence from a range of the bulkier East Coast 80's stuff. I was rather curious as to the status of the group, hoped for more releases too, but as you might deduct, they're a straight edge band, and I'm almost entirely sure that they've broken up at this point as there's at least one member who's no longer of the faith. An excellent legacy to leave then.

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