Monday, June 8, 2015


Violent Reaction- "Marching On" LP (Revelation)
First Pressing, 2015
Clear Vinyl /315

More output from arguably one of Hardcore's most busy bands, the 2nd LP from the UK's Violent Reaction, "Marching On". I've posted about the group many times over the last few years so I'd be repeating myself with anything here so I'll keep it brief. Good solid hardcore that takes stark cues from early Boston stuff and UK Oi! As most would be aware with each new release those Oi! influences grow a little more and the same can be said here. I think this album as a whole is a better product than the last one on Painkiller though- the recording is better, sharper, louder and the songs just seem to flow like a proper full length album. Good stuff.

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