Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Vile Intent- LP Pre Production Promo Casssette (Self Released)
First Edition, 2014

I've managed to post about various releases from Vile Intent over the years. This is their latest material, the new promo cassette featuring roughly recorded versions of new songs to appear on their forthcoming LP. Six tracks as listed on the j card (but unless I'm going crazy, I can certainly only find five on this tape) of exactly what any fan of the band's previous material may hope for; blast peppered, sludgy, downtrodden Powerviolence. The band have rarely deviated from their chosen path of Crossed Out influenced hardcore since their inception and nothing's changed here. Of all of their recorded work so far, I'd say that their previous EP was probably their most abstract; that material utilising a heap more 'complex' and unexpected tempo shifts. This new music kind of reverts back to the more straight up stop/start feel that they perfected with earlier releases. Certainly one of the best current groups doing this style at the moment, and definitely one of my favourite bands.

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