Thursday, September 18, 2014


Caged Grave- "Swallow // Unforgiven" 5" (Asbestos Death)
First Edition, 2014
Black Vinyl, Lathe Cut 47/50

Melbourne's Caged Grave and Asbestos Death Records from Perth continue their respective assaults on Australian hardcore with this freshly released 5". Lathe cut to a number of 50 copies only, it sold out in around a day. Two tracks that run in at less than two minutes in total, the first has existed since the end of 2013 as a download on the groups band camp page, the second first saw the light of day as an inclusion on a recently released power violence tape compilation in Europe. Those familiar with and fond of the band already know what to expect; indignant, resentful, misanthropic hyper blast driven hardcore. Being a hand cut product, the tracks are slightly roughened, but that does nothing to dampen the mood, if anything it suits it perfectly. May the band and the record label continue their grisly barrage on the Australian music landscape.

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