Saturday, July 26, 2014


Mob Rules- Nothing Left LP (Quality Control)
First Press, 2014
Claret Vinyl /100

I don't live in the UK so I can't be sure, but I certainly get the impression that the North's Mob Rules are generally regarded as one of the best and most highly respected hardcore bands in the country. It's been nearly four years since we'd heard any new material from them, and the fact that their online presence is virtually non existent makes it hard for people like me on the other side of the planet to ascertain if they're still in fact a band or not. Recently Quality Control Records quietly announced on their website that they would be presenting the bands new material in the form of a second LP, "Nothing Left" so surely a collective sigh of relief was probably made by many fans abroad. No massive amounts of hype surrounded it really, it just happened.
Simultaneously this record became available to buy on the QC site as well as the Static Shock Records site. I bought this from SS because they also had the Crowned Court demo for sale. As a result (much like the Violent Reaction EP) I wasn't expecting to land any kind of limited vinyl, but for whatever reason I was lucky enough to get this limited press on red wax.
The stark stylistic changes that the band decided to employ between initial early material and their first full length in 2010 are still largely evident here. A complete lack of anything resembling a blast beat or an A-typical modern mosh bit in favour of a mid-later era Black Flag vibe. The recording quality here is also vastly improved over any previous material which greatly improves the whole feel. It's a much more refined, realised, complete release.
Like Perspex Flesh, Mob Rules definitely don't play the style of hardcore that's currently exploding in the UK right now. Why this band may be regarded as masters of their craft is certainly made obvious with this new album though. Easily their best work to date.

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