Friday, February 7, 2014


I was certainly surprised when Painkiller originally announced that they were releasing fresh material from Massachusetts' Out Cold, though while I like all of their stuff, I've never been what you'd call an avid fan of the band. Maybe those more familiar with the group were aware that something close to thirty songs were sitting dormant waiting for release? Surely by now most readers would be familiar with the story, but the basics are that central song writers Mark and John wrote and recorded the bulk of this stuff in the mid 2000's before they started to drift apart. After Mark passed away in 2010 the recordings kind of went on the back burner until original singer Kevin was inlisted to lay over the vocal tracks in Marks absence. The end result is "A Heated Display". What you'd expect from the band in just fast, relentless, frantic hardcore punk. The biggest difference obviously being Kevin's slightly higher pitched vocals.

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