Monday, February 24, 2014


Rot In Hell have certainly been quiet for the last little while, relative to their previous work schedule anyway. Psywarfare aren't a band that I have any prior experience with but a little research tells me that they've a solid discography that traces back to the mid 90's. This is their split LP pressed on white vinyl by Magic Bullet Records.
A slight departure for RIH, their three songs here experiment further with the acoustic, folk and noise arrangements first hinted at with their split with Horders and the limited "Studies In Emerald" tape. Again the bands guitarist and central composer, POI handles the clean sung vocal duties. I was really into their contribution to the Horders split, and this stuff is just as good. Psywarfare is the work of Dwid and is basically just a totally noise driven, power electronics soundscape. Hardly the kind of thing I am even vaguely familiar with, but it certainly sounds menacing played at maximum output on my stereo. I don't think the neigbours agree.

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