Sunday, February 16, 2014


The latest in this long line of metal classics that Earache Records seem so determined in reissuing in the 'full dynamic range' is a fresh repress of the mid era 'coming of age' Entombed album, "Wolverine Blues". This is the 'rotten soil' press of 300 copies, now sold out.
The album of their entire catalogue that seems to really divide fans of the band the most for long discussed reasons, being a manic for their earlier proper Death material, I still enjoy this album to a plentiful degree. I do believe that it's probably held in a little too high esteem by the hoards of current Entombed-core fans thanks in large to bands like Trap Them and Converge and their cover of this albums title track though.
Original pressings of this record regularly sell on sites like Discogs and eBay for sums exceeding $100, a figure that in the past I have been more than willing to fork over for original copies of the bands older works, but have never been able to justify dropping for this. A great record though, perhaps it's a bit of a shame that Earache have been too lazy to give it the real treatment it deserves, opting to press on cheap, flimsy vinyl, and issue with a sleeve constructed of cardboard with the consistency of that found in a cereal box, an issue that all of these recent reissues have suffered from. The question also remains, do the band see any income from this??

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