Sunday, February 9, 2014


I've managed to cross off a bit of a white whale type record this month in my purchase of an original copy of one of NYHC's most coveted releases, the "Loud And Clear" 7" from The Abused. The last time I got my hands on a record of this calibre was when I acquired an OG copy of Antidote's "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" nearly four years ago. As most hardcore record collectors would probably agree, that EP goes hand in hand with today's blog fodder for more than a couple of reasons, foremost the two facts that they both appeared over the course of 1983, and that they both played a very important roll in the formation of the early NYHC scene.
Regularly, copies of this record don't really sell anywhere for less than around $600US. There's a copy listed on Discogs right now for the ludicrous figure of $1750US. I was lucky enough to get my regular morning email from Discogs a few weeks ago presenting this copy for the handsome sum of $300US. Obviously the sleeve is in less than perfect shape, but for that price you'd have to be a bit of a half whit not to take the opportunity. The vinyl is more or less in mint condition.
While Antidote's EP will always remain my favourite thing to ever emerge from the NYHC scene, it's plain to see how much more of an influence the sound and general look/vibe created here by Crowley and co. still have over the style today. Where Antidote utilised a more seminal thrash approach, evident in the frantic tempos and buzz saw riffs, The Abused relied much more heavily on a chunky stomp with slower tempos over all, meatier riffing, and hoarse, gruff vocals. Even the style and subject matter of the iconic artwork that adorns the EP cover is still recreated on a regular basis today.
This EP officially marks the second highest sum I've ever spent on a record in my collection, though I have quite a few more big hitters that I'd like to get my hands on in the next few years, finances permitting (they won't).

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