Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Though I probably should be, I'm certainly no real encyclopedia when it comes to hardcore, punk and metal from New Zealand, nor, apart from a few of the bigger bands, am I any kind of authority on anything sludge related. Maybe this post is doomed from the start then? Meth Drinker from Wellington are possibly one of the better examples of sludge that I've listened to in a while. They've been active for the better part of four years and their name is one I've seen floating around for about as long, but for one reason or another they've always been a band that I've just chosen to ignore. It wasn't until their split record with the UK's Moloch materialised last year that I decided to give their stuff a listen. Impressed enough I was that I decided to order this s/t LP of theirs originally pressed in 2011 by Raw Birth Records. See how downer and depressive the artwork and layout looks? That's how it sounds. Good stuff.

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