Sunday, February 2, 2014


Chicago's Repos are one of those bands that have always copped a fair amount of praise and fondness amongst the kind of punks and bloggers whom I would consider posess the same or similar tastes in hardcore as myself. They're a band that over the years have racked up a considerable and worthy catalogue of LP's, EP's and split records under one banner or another. I'm not particularly fond of the material penned while they were going under the Ropes name, but to be honest, while a lot of it does have it's moments, I'm not manic about the earlier stuff they wrote before the first name change either. All material written since reverting back to Repos on the other hand has been pretty great. That aborted LP that ended up being the  "Poison Head" tape last year is fantastic, as is this "Armed And Using b/w Hole In The Hill" single recently pressed by Cowabunga Records. Unsure of the specific details, but I think it's part of some kind of limited singles club type thing that Cowabunga are doing. I may be wrong though. Menacing, down trodden hardcore.

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