Sunday, January 19, 2014


It was an album that spawned a few years of wholly plagiaristic and uninspired 'melodeathcore' in the 2000's, but "Slaughter Of The Soul" from Gothenburg's finest, At The Gates has always been an LP of upmost importance to me. During a recent trip to the UK with my girlfriend, this record, along with a small grip of others was a pick up at the excellent All Ages Records in Camden, London.
On my want list for several years now, every copy that has surfaced either on Discogs or eBay since around 2010 hasn't been listed for a price under $50-$60, a figure that coupled with usually exorbitant international postage rates, put's it out of my 'willing to pay for' range. Lucky for me All Ages were selling this off the shelf for the equivalent of $26 Ostralian dollars, a very reasonable and fair price. I snapped it up. Pressed a few times over the years, including bootlegs, this is the 2002 version of the record on black wax. A far more limited orange version was pressed at the same time.

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