Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Reasonable hype has surrounded the release of this new No Warning 7", "Resurrection Of The Wolf". 500 copies pressed by the singers label Bad Actors on black vinyl, all of which sold out in a couple of days. The basic premise of this EP is that it was pressed to raise funds for the family of the bands previous part time bass player Zach who is currently serving time in prison. As such one new song was written and recorded, the title track- quite the expected NW stomper, as well as "Bloodsucker" a number originally by fellow 2000's Canuck hardcore bruisers Violent Minds. Some people seemed confused as to why NW chose to cover such a song by such a reasonably recent band, but it's because Zach fronted the group as vocalist for it's entirety. They've slightly altered a riff and a time signature with their interpretation, though only just.
Well worth it if you're a big fan of either NW or VM, though both songs are available online, so maybe it's not that essential if you're not a fiend. It's been made known that no shows will accompany this record, nor any further recordings. I heard rumours once of new Violent Minds material. Would anyone out there know anything about this?

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