Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Possibly the best way to kick off the new year for me, with the new tape release from Mind Eraser. This was sold on their tour of the UK with Rival Mob late last year in reasonably limited quantities. I was pretty keen on getting my hands on this for a few weeks, and I pounced on it on Discogs when the email came through one morning that someone was selling it on there.
It's a compilation tape of a heap of their more obscure and unreleased material. A handful of it has already seen proper releases on more limited things over the years, and some of it hasn't seen the light of day to the general public until now. As most would know, this band is one of the best in my opinion, so anything they do will get two thumbs up from me. I heard talk of one last LP. Here's hoping?

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Dustin said...

Nice! Didn't know this existed. I've heard DFJ mention in interviews that they're doing one more LP and calling it quits. One of my favorite bands too.