Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Favourites of the last 12 months. Certainly a strong year for LP releases.

IF Photo- SIMH

Violent Reaction- "City Streets"
Iron Lung- "White Glove Test"
Magic Circle- s/t
Hatred Surge- "Human Overdose"
Mammoth Grinder- "Underworlds"
Bone Sickness- "Alone In The Grave"
Rival Mob- "Mob Justice"
Entrails- "Raging Death"
Machetazo- "Ruin"
Autopsy- "The Headless Ritual"
Agents Of Abhorrence- "Relief"
Powertrip- "Manifest Destination"
Disma- "Towards The Megalith"
Out Cold- "A Heated Display" (waiting on my copy in the mail)

Barge- "No Gain"
Vile Intent- "Skin In The Game"
The Flex- "Scum On The Run"
Death Camp- "Teenage Nightmare"
Perspex Flesh- "Ona"
ZOM- s/t
Shackles- "Disposed Of"
Violent Future- s/t
Strong Boys- s/t
Sick People- "Fakes Rule"
Obliteration- "War Is Our Destiny"
Rats Blood- "Punks Is Mutants"
No Warning- "Resurrection Of The Wolf" (waiting on my copy in the mail)
Peacebreakers- "Everyday Battle" (limited release at Not Dead Yet, wider press due soon)
Koward- s/t (waiting on my copy in the mail)
Wastoids- s/t

Innumerable Forms/Blessed Offal- Split LP
Abused- "Loud And Clear" reissue on LP (waiting on my copy in the mail)
Mindsnare- "Hanged. Choked. Wrists Slit." LP reissue 
Vaccine/No Faith- split 7" (haven't ordered yet, postage sucks man)
No Warning- "Ill Blood" LP reissue
Slayer- "Seasons In The Abyss" LP Reissue
Slayer- "South Of Heaven" LP Reissue
Breakdown- "Runnin' Scared" Reissue (waiting on my copy in the mail)

Vile Faith- Demo Tape
Coffin Birth- Demo (it never received a hard release, but the digital is local grind mayhem)
Social Damage- Demo II
Eternal Champion- "The Last King Of Pictdom" Demo (limited releases suck. getting a vinyl reissue next year)
Caged Grave- Demo
Genocide Pact- Demo (waiting on the vinyl reissue in the mail)
Ya Te Veo- Demo (no hard copy yet as far as I know)
Torture Chain- "Mutilating Astral Entities" (limited releases suck)
Chain Rank- Demo (waiting on my copy in the mail)
Battle Ruins- Promo Tape (limited releases suck)
Stone Dagger- "The Siege Of Jerusalem" Demo Tape (waiting on my copy in the mail)

New confirmed EP's and LP's to look forward to in 2014 from Shin To Shin, Internal Rot, Shackles, Oblivionation, Battle Ruins, Eternal Champion, Perspex Flesh, Boston Strangler, Bone Sickness, Disguise, Innumerable Forms and more I would assume.

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