Sunday, November 17, 2013


I was pretty happy with the acquisition of this demo cassette from Boston's Deth Warr. "Rebirth Through Putrefaction" has existed for a couple of years now but I would have only learned of it in the last six months or so. Lucky for me it showed up on Discogs a few weeks back for something like $10. What you get here is C. Corry and B. Radigan playing their pretty on point interpretation of early Repulsion and other similar American thrash/grind of the 80's. CC on guitar, bass and vocals and BR on drums. Muddy riffs, screaming solos and hasty blasts. What information that does exist points to a bit of non even though, most indications are that the guys never really took the band seriously at all. Shame really, as with anything that these guys seem to have a go at, this is pretty bang on stuff. Simplistic in style, approach, execution and recording.

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