Saturday, November 2, 2013


Here's the debut LP, "Pyramid Of The Necropolis" from Texan riff heathens War Master, unleashed back in 2011 by Torture Garden Picture Company. Wider press on black wax. Inspired largely by Dustin's recent post about the same record, this is a band that I've been familiar with now for the better part of 10 months, committing to the actual spend was something I was struggling with though, due entirely to the ridiculous postage costs from the USA. Dustin's blog finally persuaded me to bite the bullet. Excruciatingly, literally a week or so after I paid for this copy the label managed to unearth some limited die-hard copies on white wax, and also release the bands latest MLP to the general public.
My interest in this band was initially sparked when they were joined by new vocalist Rahi Geramifar, previously of Insect Warfare obviously, replacing the formidable Daniel Shaw, the man responsible for the throat on this album (along with the artwork, and the artwork for a handful of other well known Texan releases over the last few years). I would argue that Daniel's approach is far more befitting of the obvious Bolt Thrower tones the band attempts, Rahi's work on the bands just-released MLP, "Blood Dawn" while enthralling, doesn't seem to possess the dimension that Daniel manages to achieve. I think I may just be used to hearing Rahi in a relatively differing Grind environment. This LP is fantastic though, and certainly one of the best modern examples of a bands playing this style of music.


Dustin said...

While the new MLP is definitely good, I agree that Shaw is a better fit for this type of band. Rahi is no slouch on the new record though.

Across Your Face said...

Love this cover! Usually I dislike anything that displays wannabe illuminati imagery (all seeing eye), but considering the name of the album it's clear they are mocking it. Awesomeness